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A free one, 20 minute breakdown of what we can do to help guide you with your project.


If you want to shoot your project on your own, but need someone to help along with the way. We have mentor packages available for goal setting and execution. 

Run and GUN 

You're busy and so is your business. One day shoot packages to get your one,  30 sec to a 1 minute spot off the ground within 2 weeks or less.


Wolf on Wallstreet 

Starting a great business requires testimonials, training, webinars, product or project review videos along with professional pictures to use for all your online media. Let CharM co create the best authentic online version of you.




CharM is a workhorse!  I've never met anyone who could accomplish so much in a day. I trust her fully to not only complete projects we have collaborated on together but to be timely, upbeat and resourceful. Char lights up a room with her enthusiasm, adds insights and out of the box thinking with her grey matter and fully invests her heart and soul into all that she does. "How you do one this is how you do everything." Char and I have produced multiple events, projects and business systems with my non-profit "The New Hollywood" and I've seen her work when collaborating on multiple projects with colleagues. She is a true gem.


Brianna Brown

Founder and CEO of "The New Hollywood" Women's Goal Group Inc.





Pretty WO(man)

Along with helping create your perfect picture and video, CharM will bring in a style team and life coach to get you ready for your big day.

Home TOwn Advantage

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own film? It is much easier then ever these days to "Make Your Own Movie"! But there is a big difference in creating a film, a good film and a GREAT Film. Let's Create YOUR GREAT FILM in your hometown or location of your choice.  At the end it is your idea, your vision and your money! 

Hollywood Experience 

Hollywood! The land where dreams are made of! Have you ever wanted to make a movie in Hollywood, but did not want to live in Hollywood? Do you have the son or daughter still trying to find there "next big role" why not give it to them? Come out and experience filmmaking in the land where it all started! 





"I have had the pleasure of watching Charlotte Marie go through the process of becoming one of the most amazing producers I know. And, I have had the privilege to work on many projects with her. From multitasking and organizing paperwork to finding funding and pulling resources, scouting perfect locations, creating production schedules and working deals - I can honestly say that Charlotte is a natural born leader and producer. Her eagerness to get the job done and dedication to projects, not to mention her own knowledge as an incredible actor, Charlotte has a natural way of pulling together a production, even under the most difficult circumstances. She's a non-stop workaholic who loves what she does and somehow finds a way to put an entire production crew at ease even after the 20th take. Charlotte is always my "go-to producer" on any short, music video, film or production. Without her, many of my own projects would have fallen apart. She's necessary, she's fresh, she's excited and always gives more than 100% of herself to her work. I thank my lucky stars for the day I met Charlotte and began working with her - and anyone else who has the honor of working with her will say the same."


-Lynne Jacobellis

Owner/Artistic Director - Jacobellis Academy of Dance

Director & Writer - Last Minute Productions/CharM Productions