Make Your Own Movie


Make Your Own Movie



Make Your Own Movie - Take 1

7 week crash course to your Hollywood Filmmaking Dreams on a budget!

This class is technical and experimental. It will require you to grow and stretch and get out of your comfort zone.

Sample Topics will be covered:




Post Production

Film Festivals



 This class is not for anyone who does not want to do the work.  This class is not for anyone who wants to be a lone wolf.  This class is not for anyone who thinks they know it all.

 This is for anyone who has a story to tell. This is for anyone who want to help someone tell their story. This is for the business who needs to create content that thinks they can’t afford it.

 Most of all this is for anyone who believes in the magic of storytelling.


Weekly Class held on Tuesday at 11am PST(everything will be recorded)

Weekly Interactive Assignments

Weekly question and answer sessions on FB group

Weekly Speakers

You will make your own 5 minute film on week 5

Most of Cultivate Community and Accountability



Are you ready?


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Starts Tuesday Aug 21, 2018

11am PST